About SomeSummerSunday

Hi, I’m MJ. I’m 26, recently relocated to the Pacific Northwest, and I dislike writing about pages very, very much.

I have, however, been told that every single about page should contain a picture of the person or persons writing the blog. So, here is a picture of my left palm:

Be thankful – I seriously considered taking a photo of my foot instead.

Now that the introductions are out of the way: I started SomeSummerSunday because I’m currently unemployed and need something to do with my time. Although I tend to take the route of “trying to be funny” for most of my writing, I will veer into things like book reviews, general bitching and the occasional recipe without much warning. Please feel free to comment, or e-mail me at somesummersunday@gmail.com. Despite occasionally coming across as someone who would shank you for a sandwich, I genuinely enjoy hearing what people have to say and communication is welcome, nay, encouraged.

I kind of hate to say this, but while I like communication with people who read (whether they like what I have to say or not) I would very much prefer it if you did not reblog anything from this website. While WordPress has the feature, I do take copyright pretty seriously and I didn’t start a Tumblr for a reason. If you’d like to republish anything I’ve written please contact me and ask permission first. Thanks for your understanding. I know it comes off a little strange as I’m not producing content for money, but I feel this courtesy should be extended to anyone who does anything creative regardless of whether it’s for fun or for profit.

I have all of one reader, but I will say this: I delete only comments that look like spam and I don’t like having to moderate everything so I rarely filter. If you comment and it doesn’t show up, chances are I skimmed it, thought it was a bot, and it got axed. I have a lot of spam comments, seeing how they’re really the only people that love me things that comment at this time. Shoot me an e-mail and it won’t happen again!


26 thoughts on “About SomeSummerSunday”

  1. Loved your post about the spam comments…I get a few of those too 😦 But I’m not a spammer trust me!!!

  2. You have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed all of your posts so far 😀 Anyways, sorry to bother you with another award, but seeing as every time I come by here I get an ab workout…Here’s one more for you 😀

    • Thank you!!!! Even though I’m in the retail hell leading up to Christmas I just posted about it. I’m mainly sitting it out, but I’m flattered and wanted to make sure to thank you in a post.

  3. Pacific Northwest?! Almost all I want in life is to get back to the Pacific Northwest. Well not almost all I want but I really miss it out there.
    Sidenote: I agree with you about writing “about me” stuff. I practicallly zone out when I’m asked to describe myself.

    • Oh you should see me writing cover letters. They’re really just me writing “I am a good worker!” in fifteen different ways. It’s sad, really, and explains why I’m not fully employed… Thanks for coming by!

      And yeah, my about me? Kinda sad. 🙂

  4. I mentioned you because I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels out west and the fish out of water experiences that come along with that sort of a move.

    • Aw, thank you! I may not fully participate but I’ll definitely be mentioning it in my next post. Thanks again, that’s really flattering!

  5. Really enjoying your posts, but have to ask couple of questions. Where in the PNW are you and where were you in FL that it snowed? Okay, one more – why in the hell did you leave warm, sunny, WARM FL for the grey, cold, damp, grey PNW??? Are you nuts?! The reason why I’m blue is because I’m still trying to warm up from the last snowstorm we had. Great blog and looking forward to reading more.

    • Ha, a lot of people have looked at me like I have three heads for moving.

      I’m in Oregon, and we just had a brief and rare snowstorm. It actually didn’t stay on the ground longer than a couple of hours, but hey, it was several inches. As for snow in Florida, it does occasionally snow (like, once every five years) in the panhandle (the north, right by Georgia if you’re unfamiliar with FL geography), which is where I’m from. Normally it’s a weak, 15-30 minute flurry that doesn’t stick. The one time it did stick it was at night on Christmas Eve and we got a white Christmas, so that was awesome.

      As for moving: sunny warm Florida is 95 degrees and 90% humidity for nine months out of the year. It’s a different kind of misery, and I much prefer the cold and rain to nine months of being sticky. Now, if I’d left coastal Southern California and cited weather reasons I’d give you the go-ahead to call me nuts, but until you’ve experienced a full on Florida summer you don’t know what a miserable combination heat and humidity can be. Seriously, it’s like a jungle.

      Thanks for coming by, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far!

      • Hmm, 95 degrees with 90% humidity for nine months out of the year vs. grey, cold, wet, and between 45 and 75 degrees throughout the year, summer included. Can definitely understand your need for change and fully respect it. Personally, I feel as if the cold grey claws of our weather have damn near crushed the life out of my soul so the prospect of some sticky sun sounds positively brilliant right now. Lol But that’s another great factor of life – the diversity and our ability to explore and experience it all.

      • Yeah… I’ve also always preferred the cold and rain, so that helps. I think it’s my British half.

        On the diversity of experience… The variety and reaction to the hot environment is interesting. My mom and all my in-laws love the heat and humidity. I just don’t get it. My brother texted me almost every day this summer with the high for the day, just to remind me that he was jealous of the cooler temperatures I was getting. So you’re right, it’s totally person-by-person.

        (Oddly enough the one thing I miss the most about Florida is the thunderstorms. It may rain a lot, but it never rains hard!)

  6. Wow! You remind me of a friend I had back in Hawaii. She was very much like you. And said what was on her mind. I seriously just sat here and read about 5 of your posts. Hilarious. I just moved back to Florida about 6 months ago and am ready to leave, again!

    • At this point you could not pay me to move back to Florida. You’re a brave lady, living in that heat. Thanks for coming by! (PS – the picture of your son on your about page is adorable.)

  7. Hello!
    I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, details of which can be found on my site: http://carrierubin.com/2012/02/13/the-liebster-who-inspiringly-straddled-the-sunshine/

    As you can see from my rather tongue-in-cheek post, I completely understand if you choose not to participate. I only pass it on as a means of letting you know I really enjoy your blog!

    Have a great day!


  8. I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – please click on the link for all the info, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful blog!


    • Whoa, I am WAY late on this. Apologies, I really appreciate it! I actually got VB and did a post a few months ago – . Thank you very much for the re-nomination, and again, sorry for the delay!

      • No worries at all – there was no rush! 🙂 Hopefully my post will send more people over to your blog, and I’ll make sure to check out your VB post from a few months ago and check out the blogs you recommended then 🙂 Have a great weekend!

      • You too! Thanks again for coming by/the VB nomination!

  9. It’s been way too long since your last post. Come on, I need more comic relief in my life! Um, please? 😀

  10. I really do miss your sarcasm. Hope everything’s going well S-cubed! Anyways, I just thought I’d let you know that at one point or another, your blog has served as an inspiration to me as I was just starting to write. So I thought I’d nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!


    Thanks for that 🙂 And maybe I’ll see you back on here again some time soon!

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