R: Why is there the pervasive stereotype that girls love ponies and horses?
M: Hell if I know. Why are girls supposed to like pink and purple?
R: Yeah, but I’ve met people who liked colors, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who loved horses as much as girls are supposed to. And aside from the crazy sexism, the girls like pink and purple thing actually cropping up in real life can be partially explained by the fact that so much stuff “for” girls is pink and purple based on the trope, so it just becomes the color of their stuff, you know? Then they’ll tell you they like those colors, because so much stuff that they have is in those colors. But I don’t think I’ve ever met any girl who was crazy about ponies.
M: You have a point.
R: I mean, if you grabbed an eight year old girl off the street, fuck, I don’t mean if you literally grabbed the girl off the street, I mean, if you took an eight year old girl… I, Christ, that’s also a terrible way to start a sentence, okay, if there were a hypothetical situation in which you could ask an eight year old girl whether or not she liked ponies, she probably wouldn’t care about them. There.
M: Wow. And… Yes?