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1. Yes, I’ve finally finished Breaking Bad [Edited: what in the hell, WordPress? Italicize properly!] but I’ve also been actually working full-time because I’ve picked up a hell of a lot of shifts at work. Unfortunately this means I’m all over the place because I’ve not had two days in a row off in too long. I frequently think I’m going to get a day off only to be asked to cover a shift. Yes, I know many people have it far worse, and yes, I like working, earning money, and paying bills in full and on time, but the unpredictable nature of my downtime is starting to stress me the fuck out.

2. I’ve been in a complete reading slump lately. I usually clock ten or fifteen books in a month, but I read a grand total of two in March. I’ve finished one this month. Too many books are being returned to the library unfinished. I have been busy with other things (see point number 1), but nevertheless this is annoying because I get antsy when I don’t have a good book around. Does anyone have suggestions? Fiction, please – the last few books I finished were non-fiction and I need to change it up.

3. Speaking of books, can everyone please stop babbling on about The Hunger Games? They’re good books, yes – and infinitely better than fucking Twilight – but that doesn’t change the fact that a) Katniss is really fucked up (in an understandable way, given her situation) and therefore not necessarily an OMG! Great Role Model! for anyone, b) Gale is a complete asshole, c) Peeta is so stereotypically the perfect teenage male nice-guy that he makes my teeth hurt* and d) this is not the second coming of The Chronicles of Narnia in terms of cleverness or lasting power so please chill the fuck out. Also, let’s all shut up about the movie. Thanks in advance.

4. One of the downsides of being allergic to a random assortment of common things is that you actually wind up looking at and purchasing “all-natural”** alternatives to various items. Since the vast majority of my allergies crop up as random skin problems, this means I have spent waaaaay too much time and money on crap like hippie shampoos and soaps. Most of these things are complete failures and I could write entire posts on how ridiculous the entire natural beauty products industry is, but I’m happy to report that you can successfully wash your hair with baking soda and not look like a hobo.

* And he is a baker’s kid named after fucking bread. That’s worse than Katniss being named after an herb (flower?) because her dad was a hunter.
** By all-natural I mean “contains ingredients that I would recognize in a store,” not “avoiding things synthesized by beings from beyond the void, therefore not containing anything occurring in nature.”*** Mainly because I have no clue what chemicals I’m actually allergic to, so avoiding them all is way, way easier.
*** Does anyone else get frustrated at the all-natural label? First of all, the entire fucking universe is natural. Second, there are some really unpleasant things in nature. I certainly don’t want to chow down on a big bowl of arsenic any more than I want poison ivy secretions in my soap, but they’re both all-natural.