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Also known as “remember all the scenes you loved in every book, decide which one is best.” God damn it, Book Challenge people. Here are several awesome scenes in books, you all can pick which one is best:

1) In Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell when Strange moves the entire city of Brussells to somewhere in the American Midwest and the Duke of Wellington considers asking the Native American tribes he sees to fight against Napoleon.

2) In The BFG, when Sophie and the BFG construct their dream about man-eating giants for the Queen of England.

3) In Love in the Time of Cholera, when Juvenal Urbino dies while trying to force his parrot to come down from a tree. Also, when Fermina Daza first rejects Florentio Ariza. Also, when… Oh hell, that book is just one awesome scene to the next.

4) In A Tale of Two Cities, when Carton takes Darnay’s place in prison.*

5) A Douglas Adams two-for: the intro to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the Last Message from God to His Creations scene.

* Yes, cliched dying for the woman you love shit, but come on. Everyone gets a little teary at that scene.