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As both yesterday and today have been beautiful spring days, I’ve been on the internet less. Instead, I’ve been outside walking around, enjoying the pleasant, mild warmth, eating beef brisket, and watching Breaking Bad with the windows open. It’s basically my dream life. Especially the brisket part.

So I’m playing catch-up with the Book Challenge (see: Breaking Bad, R makes the brisket in this family* so, while it’s time consuming, it’s no excuse for me) and need to answer two questions today: What I plan on reading next, and what book I say I’ve finished but haven’t.

I’m a multiple-books-at-a-time kind of lady, so instead of listing all the books I’m currently involved with I’ll list the next book in my library queue: The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin. I’ve read other LeGuin stuff and can highly recommend The Left Hand of Darkness** but somehow managed to miss her most famous book. I’m about to rectify that.

As for books I say I’ve read but I haven’t, I just can’t think of one. I’m sure I claimed to have read a variety of books in high school that I couldn’t get through, but that’s just typical wannabe-intellectual high schooler bullshit, so I don’t really think it counts. So… none?

* Cooks a bitchin’ brisket, fixes my computer and an and understands that the only thing better than a croissant is a croissant with Nutella? Is it any wonder I like having him around?
** This is an excellent book about a gendered individual living temporarily in a genderless society. Fantastic.