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To everyone who doesn’t give a shit about the book posts, we’re on the home stretch. Thanks for your patience, I wish I could put these in a different feed. I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m a book re-reader, so today’s question – what book have you read the most number of times* – is a big ol’ guess. I’m also going to leave out kid’s books, because come on, those take no time. Taking a shot in the dark, I’d say Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. It’s pretty much the perfect book for when I want to read something, but don’t have any idea what nor do I want anything too heavy. Pratchett may be a vocal atheist, but he writes about religion and society extremely well without completely panning religion as some authors seem to. It’s also fucking hilarious, so that helps. Highly recommended.

Okay. We’re two-thirds of the way done here. Over the hump.

* Is it just me or does this question seem grammatically wonky?