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I’m boycotting today’s question – and I’m sure you’ll understand why – which is “what book turned you on?” My reaction to this question is as follows:

1. What
2. Who gets aroused by books? I mean, as far as I know bibliophile has a much more pedestrian meaning.*
3. If a book/books in general arouse one, I have to ask why on earth anyone would want to know that bit of information about a stranger on the internet?**

* Yes I know this question is about the content of the book, let me play on the cheap joke.
** I don’t ask why someone wouldn’t share it, because, well, this is the internet. And, mother of god, the existence of the internet allowed for plushies and furries to form communities. People will say anything here.***
*** I think of I’ve posted this before, but if you want to see super-specific fetishes gone awry, try Googling “Car Stuck Girls.” It’s an entire website devoted to individuals whose fetish is attractive women experiencing car trouble. To my knowledge there’s nothing creepier than the damsel in distress aspect, but nonetheless: one cannot make this shit up, people.