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Well, that was fun, in a not-fun-at-all kind of way. The virus I had mimicked a hard-drive failure, which is fucking terrifying when you haven’t backed your computer up in a month or so. Thankfully it was something called scareware, which is designed to make you think you’ve lost everything and then convince you to purchase shitty malware masquerading as anti-virus software.* This means I didn’t lose anything off my computer, nor was I forced to reformat. Lesson to you all: update Flash frequently, lest ye be stricken with a virus.

And, now: the longest book I’ve ever read. I’m not actually sure, but I think it’s probably Atlas Shrugged.** The longest book on my bookshelf isn’t much better, it’s A Storm of Swords. Oops. I should get around to reading a few of the other long books on my bookshelf just so I can answer that question without hemming and hawing in the future. I am, of course, ignoring multi-book series collected into one volume like Lord of the Rings or The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide. Look, we’ve already discussed the fact that I read a lot of crappy fantasy and science fiction, okay?

*No, I don’t know how that works either. Apparently the business model is 1. Infect computer with virus. 2. ??? 3. Profit!
** Just shut up.