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I’m just going to note here that I had about a five paragraph screed about Whole Foods laced throughout this post, but I deleted it. If you spot any grammar errors please let me know, they’re probably the result of me rooting out the Whole Foods hate in a rush. Unless they’re the usual grammar errors, in which case, yep, I’m still dumb.

After playing the Impossible Questions game this morning, I got lobbed a softball by the book challenge: Highlight a book from your favorite author. But first, a quick story for anyone who doesn’t mind me talking about bras.

This part is for the ladies
Yesterday I had a bit of a dramatic moment when my favorite bra literally ripped in half while I was putting it on.* I hate all my other bras,** so I went to Target to purchase more.*** When I was checking out, I discovered how freaking hilarious it is to watch a young checkout guy try to ring up bras without touching them. At first I thought it was all just a subconscious politeness thing, because who’s really comfortable handling someone else’s underwear even in a brand-new state? But then one of the straps caught on a pair of shoes I was purchasing and dude spent a few seconds shaking the shoe trying get the bra off it before giving up and gingerly dislodging it with one finger. He snapped back like the strap was a fucking snake, and at that point I decided it was not simple politeness but instead an acute case of bra-fear. I kind of wanted to look him in the eye and just repeat yes, those will be touching my boobs on a regular basis until he broke down in tears. Poor Target checkout guy. I hope he doesn’t actually suffer from some sort of bizarre bra-phobia, because he’d be screwed what with our societal obsession with breasts everywhere.

On to the Challenge
Okay, now that I’ve gotten a story peripherally about boobs out of my head, every one of you should go read The Secret History. Donna Tartt has only written one other book, The Little Friend, (which I won’t link to because I hated it as much as I loved The Secret History) but The Secret History is good enough to classify her as one of my favorite authors.**** So there’s my recommendation. I don’t even want to attempt any sort of synopsis since it’s so good if you just dive in blind, but I will warn people that it is solidly literary fiction. If that’s not your cup of tea, you’ve received fair warning. For everyone else: read it, and I hope you enjoy.

* In case you were wondering how, the little part that holds the cups together just gave up the ghost, all in one go. I’m just glad it happened while I was dressing, not while I was out in public.
** Which is probably why my favorite broke.
*** Dear Bra Enthusiasts: Yes I know I buy cheap bras and my breasts will hate me forever and I will look lumpy and unshapely and do I know I’m probably not even wearing the right size?! How about I got to Nordstrom, get fitted, and drop $100 on a fancy bra when I can afford to? Thanks in advance for the concern.
**** Because she’s in such illustrious company.