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Things are slow around here due to rain, job applications, lots of reading and general laziness. I had two things come up that I just couldn’t work into coherent blog posts, so I decided to knock them both out in one post just to get them out of my head.*

1. Battlestar Galactica had a budget, right?

We’re tearing through BSG in the SomeSummerSunday household,** and I’ve noticed some little anachronisms popping up. The first big one was sometime in the second season when President Roslin was using one of these jobbies while writing something on Colonial One. Seriously, BIC pens are still in use at a time when Earth is a legend from the distant past? I suppose the Greek gods survived, so I shouldn’t be too bent out of shape, but come on.There are fancy silver pens all over the rest of the show, I’m sure the props department didn’t run out.

There have been a few minor what the fucks since then, but I really lost my shit when Colonel Tigh got his Tighpatch. Behold:

Let’s focus a little more closely on the actual eyepatch. Forgive my inability to zoom in further, this is the highest resolution I could find:

Do you see what I see? Here, I’ll give you a hint.

They made him a fucking eyepatch out of a fucking band aid and a rubber band. Christ. And before people start talking about how clearly, the fleet had been out for four years at this point and obviously they’d run out of real eyepatches, I will counter by telling you to stop being reasonable. With the way Tigh drinks, they should have run out of liquor about three years ago, but he’s still got plenty of that. A real eyepatch wouldn’t have been a stretch for the show. I’m chalking this up to sheer laziness. At least make the bandage look less like a goddamned Band-Aid brand bandage.

Oh well. I guess it’s comforting to know Johnson & Johnson and BIC will survive the coming robot apocalypse.***

2. Search terms, what the hell

I apparently jumped the gun with this post,**** because boy howdy have I gotten some doozies in the past two days. First came the search for “women who wear diapers under clothes.” Dude, you’re not going to find that here (barring injury I’m probably about 40 years, at the least, from incontinence) but I hear some astronauts kinda dig the diapers thing. You might want to look into a career at NASA.

Then came the term “humor fuck.” What the ever-loving hell is a humor fuck? It sounds like something a frat boy would do. Whatever it is, dude must have been intent on finding it because I performed the same search in Google and got to page 26 before giving up on finding the link to my blog. Humor fuck dude: Good luck and godspeed. I hope you find the humor fuck you’re looking for.

Those were odd, and kind of funny, but I have a special message for the dude or lady who found my blog by searching for “american mom fucked by child:” I’ve been informed by the management that they don’t want your kind here. Thanks. Don’t let the virtual door hit your ass on the way out.

* Sometimes things like this just need to be thrown out there – even if they don’t come together terribly well – or I get completely stuck on trying to make the post work, resulting in mild writer’s block.
** Five episodes left!
*** I have heard that, in the prequel series Caprica, people are still driving Chryslers. Color me surprised, the bailout must have worked.
**** For the record, dude performed the same search at least three times the next day.

The photo of Colonel Tigh above is a SCIFI Channel photo by Justin Stephens. I couldn’t find the actual brand of the bandage used in the picture, but it’s probably not Band Aid. Don’t sue me.