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Dear Googler Who Keeps Winding Up On My Blog:

I’m sorry that you cannot breathe through your nose. But really – you clicked the Google search link to this post five times in the space of about five minutes. I’m pretty sure that it’s not what you’re looking for because a) no one should be searching for that post, it’s a link list, and b) you’ve tried about five different variations of the same search (“i cant breathe thru my nose”) so something tells me you’re not finding the information you want. Here’s a hint: when the link is a different color, it usually means you’ve visited it already. Just a hunch, but it probably won’t have different content a few seconds later. This site usually doesn’t.  Hope this helps.



PS: I am definitely not a medical professional, but perhaps I can answer your question “i cant breathe thru my nose what is it.” In my experience, it is mucus. You’re welcome.