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On Tuesday, WordPress decided to feature this post as Freshly Pressed. So, um, yeah. That was awkward.

Anyway, the sudden influx of traffic sent me on a rollercoaster reaction which I really felt could only be expressed in shitty MS Paint comic form. And so, I present: My Reaction to Being Freshly Pressed: A Comic in Six Acts. This post is brought to you by MS Paint and Extreme Procrastination: Job Applications Edition.

As you can see, it was a little weird. I’ve done my best to get back to everyone who commented and caught a few that appeared to be real comments that got trapped in my spam filter. Thanks to anyone who read and enjoyed it, and for those of you who have followed as a result of that post: Welcome! Don’t let my profanity and general sarcasm scare you off, I’m really full of warm fuzzies!* And also, for those of you who have been reading since before the sudden influx? Thanks for sticking around and being cool.

And, because I know some of you are probably wondering: Yes, I did get the taco. It was fucking delicious.