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An unfortunate side effect of being mildly allergic to soy is that I can’t eat about 75% of the breads that you can find in the supermarket. Trader Joe’s is usually okay and I absolutely avoid Whole Foods unless I literally cannot get what I need anywhere else (I’m sorry, if you have a 50% markup for shit I can buy in a regular grocery store, you’re just price gouging and I don’t care how “good” or organic any of your produce is), but the one thing I have been entirely unable to find is a soy-oil-free flatbread. Not a pita, I’m good on pitas, or crispy flat bread, or even naan (there are times I don’t want the yogurty tang), just a thin, soft, quarter-inch thick piece of flatbread that can be used for dipping into things like hummus. Unfortunately Google is also failing me, and I can’t seem to find a recipe for the type of flatbread I want (though admittedly, I’m being picky).

So in a last ditch effort before I start to wing it in the kitchen – do any of you food people have a good recipe for the type of flatbread I just described? My stomach and I will love you forever.