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I had a long post all typed up last night, then I reread it to edit today and decided not to post. Why? Because it was a) waaaay to angry and mean in a non-amusing sort of way, and b) on a topic that really should never invoke that kind of reaction.

Oh well, this is why we proofread. If I read something in the morning and think “man, I sound like an asshole” I don’t put it up. I mean, no matter what anyone may say people blog for others, whether they’re getting Dooce-level hits or are like me and have a grand total of about ten readers. If the post isn’t entertaining or informative it’s a failure, pure and simple. And boy howdy, that one was a turd.

So instead I’ll leave you with this, in the hopes that you, too, are as easily amused as I am: My Bratwurst.