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So, a quick metablog before I get back to comments. I was nominated by onwindydays for the “Don’t Read This at Work” award, which I originally took to mean I was er, less-than-family-friendly. Which, to be honest, is true. “Fuck” appears on this blog more often than it does on HBO, and I have posted about IUDs, Christian sex websites, and using the internet while drinking alone, so no skin off my nose. Then I read the post, and found out it was really about blogs that make you laugh, and I was flattered. So, many, many thanks to onwindydays for again flattering the old ego. I’m touched and pleased! Due to exhaustion, I’m afraid I’m mainly sitting this one out (as a fellow retail employee, I’m sure onwindydays gets it), but wanted to thank him for the honor. Even if I’m almost an effing week late.