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Dear Holiday Shoppers:

I know it’s the holidays and it’s busy, but if you walk into a store that’s five minutes from closing and tell them you just need “one quick thing,” please know that we won’t freak out on you for spending, say, five minutes past closing finding your one quick thing. We’re all human. It’s not like we’re robots who shut down at close. We know you probably hurried to get to our store, and we want to sell you things.

However, you’ve got to be shitting me if you stay in the store for twenty minutes past closing fucking browsing, take a bunch of crap off the shelves without attempting to put any of it back, and then either not buy anything or put a bunch of items on hold while you “think about it.”*

Please, for the love of… of… whatever you believe in, remember that we shop girls also need to go home and may (gasp) have some shopping of our own to do after work.

Plus, that shit is just rude.



*Bonus points if it’s really expensive, we only have one on the floor and you never claim it. Thanks for taking three days away from our window to sell that item before the holidays! Christ, everyone should be forced to work about six months of retail and phone service, just to make everyone more sympathetic.