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So, working full time and trying to write blog posts apparently do not mix. I’m going to aim for more balance over the next week because trying to post Monday through Friday just means if I miss a day, I say fuck it and wait until I have time to write. I’m working on a Guide for Monday, but it’s not coming together and might actually be slightly more offensive than I’m willing to go. We shall see.

In other news, we’ve been listening to ridiculous Christmas music at work, it’s not broken 50 degrees for over a week, and we just got our (very first) Christmas tree. Ahh, the holidays! R and I are about to decorate the tree with all of our ludicrously unglamorous childhood ornaments. We’ve successfully repurposed a stuffed pirate monkey as a tree topper, complete with a wee Santa hat. After decorating, I will eat leftover stew with spiced, mulled wine and bake Christmas cookies. This is fast turning into one of my favorite years as far as holidays go.