I got a Pinterest account and have been trying to figure out how to work it (I’m having a technical difficulty at the moment, some of my boards aren’t showing up), but I thought I’d take a break to share this (rather old, and very Not Safe For Work) website with you: Sex In Christ. There’s no front page, so I’ve linked to his Biblical justification of threesomes instead.

So before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I’d like to say I don’t think this website reflects on Christianity, or Christians, or anything like that, and it’s not a “oh man, look at the stupid Jesus freak” kind of post. Save it if you’re going to comment something to that effect. This guy is a bit of a lone fruit loop, and I’m aware of it. That’s not what fascinates me; the Christianity thing is really only relevant because the Bible is cited repeatedly. He could be any religion under the sun with views on sex and I’d still be impressed. I’m in awe of his site simply because this dude manages to make every stereotypical male sexual fantasy a-okay under the fairly complex structure of his religion with some really convoluted justifications, while condemning anything that the stereotypical male is supposed to not be into. For example, a threesome is okay, but he does make an argument that two women having sex is Biblically okay only if the two women are properly feminine. Which of course means that the more masculine end of the lesbian and female bisexual spectrum do, in fact, make baby Jesus cry.* Can you imagine the time this guy must have put into it? The dedication? It’s incredible, even if I disagree with all of his logic.**

I’m really just slack-jawed. I mean, the ability to completely justify every sexual impulse he has in the face of what appears to be the commonly accepted standpoint many Christian sects take on these things is phenomenal to me. More power to him and all of that for being confident in what he wants and likes and not feeling guilty for it, but it makes for a fucking fascinating read.

By the way, read the “letters” section. Some of that shit is incredible. But I wouldn’t recommend trying to follow his advice.

*He also unfortunately has “arguments” against male homosexuality and thinks that women should provide token submission to their husbands. You can’t win ’em all.

** RE: Lack of Faith. I can agree with the end results in some cases, but not how he got to them, therefore: disagree.