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So, I worked yesterday, for the first time since June.

Oh holy hell it was amazing. Yeah, it wasn’t my dream job, but it was money! In my pocket! Hell yes! Plus, my coworkers are awesome, my boss seems cool, and it’s uber-relaxed, which is all I can really hope for in part-time seasonal work. I’m going to be working! Earning money! Like a real person! Ahhhh!

On a side note, I was denied health insurance. One of the reasons I was denied was a sinus infection I had oh, a year ago. Fuck you, health insurance. Instead of having a few appointments this year and getting medication for my overwhelmingly fucked thyroid, I will instead get worse (and more mannish! Thanks, additional testosterone!) for the next year or so while I a) find a job with benefits and b) go long enough without thyroid treatment to qualify for health care. That sound you hear? It’s my middle finger extending. Screw you. It makes me even more contemptful of assholes in politics: I’m willing to pay for health insurance. Where is it for me? Oh wait – your assholery that supports a corrupt business model and forces individuals who do not have the bargaining power of corporations to compete with them for decent service means I can’t have any. Fuck off.