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A little background first. I live in an apartment that has several garages underneath it. These garages are not rented out with the apartments, but rather are used by several local businesses as storage space. One particular business, a toy store, has the garage directly below my apartment, and I’ve often struck up conversations with the employees who work there (and who are, as I’ve mentioned before, really considerate about the noise the garages make). All of them know I’ve recently relocated, and that I’m job hunting.

So imagine my surprise and delight when the owner stopped me as I was walking by on Friday and asked me if I’d like a job.

Yep, I just got randomly offered a job by someone I’ve had two casual conversations with. Bad ass.

It is part-time and seasonal, but I’m counting my blessings because any income is a good thing right now. I start Monday! Woo!

On a completely unrelated note, this online quiz is awesome, but this quiz is even harder.