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Setting: A living room, mid-day. A man is working at a desk and a woman is reading something on her laptop while sitting in a comfortable armchair.

The man looks up and catches the woman’s attention.

R: I have an important question for you.

M: Okay, shoot.

R: So, that place you get your hair cut – do they cut men’s hair, too?

M: Yeah, I think so. Seemed pretty unisex. Might be a bit pricey, though. It’s not really a Cost Cutters, you know?

R: I don’t really mind about the price. I’ve got to figure out something to do with it. I’ve decided I should admit there’s some art to it and go to someone who can actually help me. I don’t want it hanging in my eyes any more, but I also don’t want that goofy flip-up in the front that I have to do when I get the short sides-and-back thing.

M: Kinda makes you look like a frat boy.

R: Yeah, and I have to put a bunch of crud in it to make it behave when it’s like that. I wouldn’t mind the short hair so much if I didn’t have to style it, but I have to every day or it looks like a dandelion.

M: My mom says it makes you look like a bear cub.

R: …

M: Well, okay. You could leave it about as long as it is now. Just a little trim to the front to get it out of your eyes. I mean really, you probably just need to cut off the duck’s-ass thing it’s starting to do by your neck.

R: No, I actually kind of like the back to be longer, it’s kinda nice. What I really want is for it to be long in the back, and a little shorter in the front…

M: …

R: Oh god.

M: So, you’re telling me…

R: Oh god. I just described a mullet as my ideal haircut.

And scene.